8th Grade Civil War Projects

In my 8th grade American History class, we are in the midst of the Civil War.  After debating Constitutional issues, slavery and states' rights issues, and issues on the Emancipation Proclamation, each student is researching his/her own Civil War battle, event, or notable person.  The class is enjoying each others' presentations now, and I have been enjoying the many different tech tools that my students are trying out or honing.  In so many ways, these presentations are better than a straight poster presentation. For one, they are mostly permanent!  Unless they get deleted, these presentations will always be available.  AND, they don't take up any closet, wall or counter space!

I hope you enjoy them as I did.  I hope they will provide inspiration for more tech integration in your history class, as well.  Stay tuned for the rest.  These are only the tip of the iceberg.





Hi again, Beth: (Tried sending this via email, but it was rejected- so here it is as a comment).. I saw your post on the Civil War projects and (as always) was so impressed with what your kids are doing. I have not had the chance to look at them all, but I am already impressed with the webpage on Habeas Corpus - it is not an easy topic to explain and Helen did a great job! I wanted to ask if there was an overall project plan - I wondered how they chose the topics they did and what guidelines were provided for the various presentation modes. That (and rubrics) always seem to be something I've found hard to track down... I looked on the wiki Project page, but did not see the details of the assignment. Thanks again for sharing.. I have a Twitter friend in Wisconsin who is doing the Civil War for the first time and I am sure she would find this an awesome way to get the kids getting exciting about this and doing their own thing.. Thanks, JohnP

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