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            Our midterm exam review is in full swing.  In keeping with the goal of making my class a cannot miss experience, I have been thinking deeply about how to keep the class interesting.  Some days, the students want a straight Q & A session; fine for some, but will not hold everyone’s interest for long.  I have been experimenting with some small, but off the wall ways of reviewing.  The following is one of the ideas I have come up with.  There will be more to follow; feel free to pilfer, borrow, modify or just ignore.

            I thought it would be fun to have a cocktail party style mix and mingle where students’ conversations were driven by the material they are studying. So I made “Ask me about....” badges for kids to wear on their shirts.  I wanted the kids to be able to speak to each other about concepts, problems and ideas that we had been studying, since being able to speak intelligently about a thing is a good indication of understanding. Feel free to add actual cocktail party elements, like juice or finger foods. I didn’t do that but will definitely in the future.

            A crucial element to this review time was a guided list of concepts, questions or ideas that they HAD to address.  For instance, they were required to talk to 2-3 people with facts from certain topics or regions we studied (North Africa, for instance, or something that had to do with human rights issues). You can find an example of that document here.



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