Get out into the Real World...Often

This week I was reminded of how important real world experience is, and not just for our children.  I took my 8th grade students on a field trip to the kick off for the annual Editorial Cartoonists Convention at the Library of Congress. We didn't know this was such a big deal; we originally wanted to see the political cartoon exhibit on the Presidential Election 2012 that is available to the public there.  We just happened to show up on this auspicious day.

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Teachers, Why are we Still Doing That?

   Like many other families this summer, our family had to deal with summer reading.  Mandatory summer reading, well, that's expected in my house, so needing to do it for school is not that big of a deal, although this might be an issue for future blogs.  Afterall, it's nice to take a break from work we have to do, and concentrate on things we like to do during the summer. But, no, the reading itself is not that big of a deal; the assignments connected with the reading are what irks me.

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