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10 Uses of Padlet in the History Classroom

Padlet is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to "pin" post-it notes with text, images, and links to webpages.  It has become an integral part of how my students and I share information and ideas with each other and with the larger community outside of our classroom.  Why I love padlet:

1) It is a great collaborative tool.

Compromise Leads to War

In American History this week, students shared and presented their findings from  investigations they were immersed in the previous week.  All groups were investigating the cost of Compromise on U.S. politics, the economy and society during the mid-19th century.  Each group was tasked with becoming an expert on specific topics and years. After each group's separate investigations, we reconvened to share what we discovered.  The only requirement that I gave the students for their presentations work was that they could not use a power point.  I demand something new!

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