Let Them Have "A"s

The issue of students earning As is like a teeter totter, and I’m not sure which side I fall on.  On the one side (teeter), an A earned on the first time around (project, speech, paper, test) means that student caught on quickly, has that skill or understands the content. This is great!

Get out into the Real World...Often

This week I was reminded of how important real world experience is, and not just for our children.  I took my 8th grade students on a field trip to the kick off for the annual Editorial Cartoonists Convention at the Library of Congress. We didn't know this was such a big deal; we originally wanted to see the political cartoon exhibit on the Presidential Election 2012 that is available to the public there.  We just happened to show up on this auspicious day.

Ink and Pixel Panel

The Beginning of "A Year with Mrs. G."

This year I will be enjoying my 13th year as a History teacher.  My journey has been interesting, to say the least. It will also be my first as an active blogger, and as a connected educator;  I am excited to be a novice blogger, and a little bit nervous, as well.  One of my concerns is that I get really busy during the school year.  I'm struggling with how I can keep up with my day-to-day lesson plans, grading, meetings, phone calls, sport practice, AND now add to that list, blogging.  I have great empathy, and a great respect for all those first year teachers who are also blogging, but also some envy.  I can only imagine how much more manageable my teacher life would have been if I had been connected in my first year! There's such a great community of educators sharing fantastic resources and ideas. I hope this community can continue to grow and become more like the norm rather than the exception.

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