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Let Them Have "A"s

The issue of students earning As is like a teeter totter, and I’m not sure which side I fall on.  On the one side (teeter), an A earned on the first time around (project, speech, paper, test) means that student caught on quickly, has that skill or understands the content. This is great!

To Rubric or Not To Rubric? Should that be the Question?

In Apollo 13, the movie, there is a scene where the scientists on the ground are trying to solve a problem that the astronauts in space are  The scientists have specific parameters of the problem, and are given the same resources that the astronauts have to solve the problem (Thanks to 4cDesign for providing this clip, via Youtube):


Resources for Non-Textbook Based Inquiry in History

This week there was a lot of inquiry going on in the History room.  The 8th graders were studying the Boston Massacre and the beginnings of the revolution in America; the 6th graders were preparing for press conferences to announce the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by King Menes; the 7th graders presented the results of their week-long inquiry into how the Christian church took over as law and order in Western Europe after Rome fell. 

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